The Required Training For Your Intake Team

Gary’s coaching techniques give your Intake & Response Team the knowledge, skills, and tools they require to maximize performance and accelerate law firm growth.

Enroll Your Team In Gary’s Monthly Coaching Program

Maximize revenue, decrease acquisition cost, improve morale, and create intake experts.

Benefits Of The Intake Playbook:

Make no mistake about it. Your intake team is your sales team. And your sales team is the lifeblood of your law firm. What your team says, how they say it, the processes they utilize, the words they state, and the messaging that they convey have a direct and significant impact on the success of your law firm. Don’t just talk the talk on TV and online. Walk the walk by giving your response team the constant coaching and training that they need. Gary’s coaching will teach your team everything they need to know to maximize the ROI on your marketing, including:

1. The Claimant’s Mentality

When a new claimant contacts your law firm, it is likely the first time in their lives that they’ve ever reached out to a personal injury law firm. Gary will share powerful insights into the thought process of a potential new client that will give your team the confidence they need to effectively communicate with new claimants, when it matters most.

2. Exactly What To Say

The words that your team uses during the intake stage are influential beyond measure. Callers are absolutely judging your law firm by the conversation they have with your intake team. Gary shares his best practices about what to say and what not to say to a new claimant, to ensure your claimant’s experience lives up to your firm’s values and marketing messages.

3. Effective CRM Use

Organizing and prioritizing appropriately are of utmost important. Gary shares his recommendations on how to best utilize a law firm’s CRM so that it becomes part of the solution, not part of the problem.

& Much, Much More.

Gary’s recurring coaching will ensure that everyone on your intake team, from a new hire to a seasoned veteran, is ready to handle inquiries as effectively as possible.

Enroll Your Team In Gary’s Monthly Coaching Program

Maximize revenue, decrease acquisition cost, improve morale, and create intake experts.

About The Teacher:

Gary is one of the only attorneys in country who has dedicated his career to maximizing the ROI of marketing campaigns through better Intake practices.

About Gary:

Gary believes that most law firms lose a significant percentage of revenue due to inefficient processes at the front-end of their business. Specifically, law firms struggle due to:

  • Lack of Accountability
  • Inadequate Training
  • Limited Resources
  • Insufficient Coaching
  • Absence of Leadership
  • Excessive Improvisation

With The Intake Playbook, Gary’s goal is to share with his students how best to tackle these weaknesses and provide clear and precise guidelines on how to ensure a better process, a better experience, and a better result. Intake should not be improvised. There’s a playbook for it. And Gary is ready to share it.

Thought Leadership:

Gary has been featured by thought-leaders across the legal landscape who seek out his expertise on personal injury intake:

Regular Presenter at:

Enroll Your Team In Gary’s Monthly Coaching Program

Maximize revenue, decrease acquisition cost, improve morale, and create intake experts.

The Course:

Get Your Team Certified With Gary’s Certification Course!

Gary created an Intake Certification course that is broken up into 10 modules, each of which are specifically designed to prepare your intake team to take your law firm’s new client intake to the next level. Below are just a few of the courses that Gary offers in his certification program:

Key Definitions

Understanding The Claimant’s Mentality

Your CRM Is Your Friend

The Do’s and Do-Not’s Of Intake


Pricing for the intake playbook is broken down into 3 categories we like to refer to as the 3 C’s; Certification, Coaching, and Consulting:


Individual Certification Per Staff Member

10-Part Intake Course

Intake Certification

Improved Intake Performance

Monthly Coaching Calls

On-Site Training

Progress Updates

Customized to Your Firm

per student


Get Your ENTIRE Intake Team Certified + Twice-A-Month Live Coaching Sessions With Gary Falkowitz

Twice-A-Month Lectures

Intake Certification

Interviews with Communication and Sales Experts

Gary’s Availability for Specific Questions

On-Site Training

Customized to Your Firm

per student

per law firm

“This program completely revamps your intake team. I guarantee immediate improvement!”
– Gary


A Custom-Tailored Intake Consulting for Your Firm.

Intake Certification

Improved Intake Performance

Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls with Gary Falkowitz

On-Site Training

Customized to Your Firm

Review of Current Practices

Analysis of Recorded Calls

Assessment of Intake Specialists

Remote Consulting Available

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