Intake is not just a component of your practice,

It’s the Foundation of Your Success.

Gary’s techniques give your Intake & Response Team the knowledge, skills, and tools they require to maximize performance and accelerate law firm growth.

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This is THE class to enroll in if you’re serious about your law firm’s future. You can’t be ALL-IN if you’re not focused on Intake. Intake is not a guessing game. Neither is creating client advocates. There are certain protocols that must be followed to put your law firm in the best position to maximize its ROI and begin to see additional referrals from your clients (and leads).

On a monthly basis, Gary is going to tackle a new topic that has challenged law firms nationwide. Whether it’s hiring/training, accountability, post-representation communication, follow-up cadence, best referral practices, the top techniques to keep at the front of your mind, suggested scripting or reporting metrics and so much more… But this is not just about what Gary has to share. The Intake & Client Advocacy Masterclass is meant to be collaborative amongst its members. Each law firm brings a unique perspective and experience to the group. What has become abundantly clear to Gary is that proof of concept and peer-reassurance have a tremendous impact on making material improvements.

The goal of this class is to ensure that each participating law firm stops relying on improvisation and begins to use predictable processes in an efficient manner.

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Make no mistake about it. Your intake team is your sales team. And your sales team is the lifeblood of your law firm. What your team says, how they say it, the processes they utilize, the words they state, and the messaging that they convey have a direct and significant impact on the success of your law firm. The Intake Playbook ensures that your law firm utilizes best-in-class standards to maximize the ROI and create advocates from every lead.

Enroll Your Law Firm In Gary’s “Intake For Beginners” Course

There is no better way to teach your new intake specialists what it means to be a representative of your law firm than to have them embark on the “Intake For Beginners” journey that Gary created.

About Gary Falkowitz:

Gary is one of the only attorneys in the country who has dedicated his career to maximizing the ROI of marketing campaigns through better Intake practices.

Gary believes that most law firms lose a significant percentage of revenue due to inefficient processes at the front-end of their business. Specifically, law firms struggle due to:

  • Lack of Accountability
  • Inadequate Training
  • Limited Resources
  • Insufficient Coaching
  • Absence of Leadership
  • Excessive Improvisation

With The Intake Playbook, Gary’s goal is to share with the legal industry how best to tackle these weaknesses and provide clear and precise guidelines on how to ensure a better process, a better experience, and a better result. Intake should not be improvised. There’s a playbook for it. And Gary is ready to share it.

Gary Falkowitz Literally Wrote The Book On Law Firm Intake

Gary’s book on intake is meant for attorneys who are looking to learn the intake process so they can more adequately prepare their team to convert leads into clients. Begin your journey to improving your intake and signing more cases by reading this book.

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Thought Leadership:

Gary has been featured by thought-leaders across the legal landscape who seek out his expertise on personal injury intake:

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Bring Gary into your law firm for an in-person consultation. Sometimes all you need is an objective and experienced perspective to ensure that things are running smoothly.

The Course:

Get Your Team Certified With Gary’s Intake Certification Course

Gary created an Intake Certification course that is broken up into 10 modules, each of which are specifically designed to prepare your intake team to take your law firm’s new client intake to the next level. Below are just a few of the courses that Gary offers in his certification program:

Key Definitions

Understanding The Claimant’s Mentality

Your CRM Is Your Friend

The Do’s and Do-Not’s Of Intake

“Intake for Beginners”Course

10-Part Video Series

Strong Understanding of the Intake Process

Created for Newly Hired Specialists

A No-Brainer for New Hires

Cost: $1,999 Per Law Firm

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“This program completely revamps your intake team. I guarantee immediate improvement!”
– Gary

The Intake Masterclass

The Only Intake Mastermind In The Legal Industry

Limited Spots Available.

Monthly Classes with Gary Falkowitz

Access to The Intake Playbook Video Library

Access to The Intake Playbook “Intake For Beginners” Course

Access to The Intake Playbook Document Vault

Networking Opportunities

Cost: $999 Monthly

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A Complete Law Firm Audit

Assessment of CRM Use

Critique of Recorded Calls

Customized Scripting

On-Site Training

In-Person Presentation to Law Firm

Review of Current Practices

Remote Consulting Available

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Co-Counsel With Gary:

Gary has been an avid investor in Mass Torts for most of his career. His access to the industry’s best intake solutions, best marketers and most reliable referral partners gives him an advantage to secure attractive returns on his investments. If you’re wondering how to passively invest in Mass Torts but don’t know where to start, who to partner with or which campaigns to get involved with, Gary’s co-counsel solution might be perfect for you.

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